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               A spirit of adventure with a streak of creativity.

I suppose I should say something about my motorcycle, and maybe a little about my riding history.

Currently, I have a 1978 Honda GL1000 that is being restored to be used as an all-around bike that can be used for touring as well as going to some of the other crazy places that most people wouldn't take a bike this big to, such as trail riding!

My newest bike, as of January 4, 2020 is a '97 Harley 1200c Sportster.

(So far, those the only complete bikes in the Dirt Road Cowboy's motorcycle stable!)
Currently, I am locating parts to build some motorcycles for my stable, and get them ready for more adventure instruction.

Eventually, I would like to build up a few bikes from a bunch of parts that I have, and put together a tutorial to show how someone without much money could have a nearly new bike for very little cash, but I haven't really got the plan worked out that far ahead yet.

I will also be offering adventure riding instruction when I have some of the other bikes completed.

My love for motorcycles and adventure riding started riding when I was 11, and my grandparents bought me a Honda CT-70 trail bike. I spent a lot of my youth exploring the central Arizona  countryside on that bike, and even though I had quite a few others since then, that bike will always have a soft spot in my heart since it was what gave me the start to my adventure riding.

On occasion, I may also add some stories from my car, a 1967 Mercury Cougar.